PE-520 Wireless Outdoor Multi-use Solar Powered Alarm Siren


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1. Built-in lithium battery powered by solar energy.
2. Work as a live/standalone alarm hub, wireless siren or wired siren.
3. Total 30 wireless defense zones and remote controllers.
4. 2 wired zones for 2 wired detectors or wired alarm system.
5. Alarm with both loud sound and quick flash strobe.
6. Wireless learning code for adding new accessories, convenient, safe and efficient.
7. One-key-control function: Remote control to Arm/emergency alarm/disarm

1. Power supply: DC 3.7V (3.7V/400mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery)
2. Max output current from solar panel: 5V/150mA
3. Max alarm current: about 170mA
4. Wireless receiving distance: about 100m
5. Ambient Humidity: about 80% (no freezing)
6. Standby current: about 1mA
7. Standby period: about 15days
8. Wireless receiving frequency: 315MHz/433MHz
9. Operating temperature: -30~70 Celsius Degrees
10. Wired defense zones: 2 zones(Z0,Z1)
11. Anti-tamper: 1 (TMP)
12. Outline size: 262x195x61mm
13. Wireless defense zones: total 30 with alarm panel, accessories and remotes together
14. Product size: 26.2x19.4x6.3cm

Certificate CE
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